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                                    A WHOLEA magazine experience with interactive content that leaps off the pages…. When you see a colored icon, pointer, arrow, music note, or a website mentioned in the text – click and you’ll be engaged.NEW WORLDAs far as I know, and am aware, we were the first publication of its kind and form in 2012. I love the platform being used because its design is fully engaged with hyperlinks and multi-media placeholders that take our readers directly to the source and resources of what’s being discussed, featured, and profiled. Enjoy this media rich experience that includes consumer controlled music, and links that bridge the reader directly to the event, initiative, and/or platform of focus. The content literally leaps off the pages and into your world.Dr. Stefany Jones, CEOTHANK YOU:I want to take a moment to thank everyone who helped to make this dream become a reality. It took a couple of years, but the day finally came. First and foremost I want to say that without God I am nothing and this would never have been possible. He first gave me the idea to do a magazine in 2002. I got the copyright, tax ID number and everything, but it just never materialized. This project is proof positive that everything happens in God’s time. Thank you to my family for ALWAYS supporting me in EVERYTHING I do. They have believed in me, come to my rescue, my defence, and anything else that I need. I love you mom and dad (James and Thelma Williams) and my sister Marsha, brothers Jimmy & Jeffrey. I want to thank my children Colton, Lila & Courtney for understanding why their mom had to work so hard and so much. I also would like to thank my aunt Cissie who has never once not given encouragement whenever another “bright idea” because a part of the equation. Some (not all) of the links provided in our magazine and on our pages are affiliate links that I earn commission for, on any purchases made, at no extra cost to you. Some are direct links to my own products for sale. This helps me immensely to continue to do what I love. I am a participant in several affiliate programs, some from various companies such as Share A Sale and Indigo, some direct from the product provider and others are part of others including CJ, AWIN and Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Affiliate programs are designed to provide a means for creators and publishers to earn fees by linking to merchant websites. Thank you 🙏 - Hustle Mama MagazineThank you to all of our patrons, sponsors, and advertisers. Most of all thank you to our readers, subscribers and people who continue to rock with us from day one. I hope our content continues to do what it is supposed to do…. Heal, Unite, Share, Teach, Lead and Empower families, communities and the world to level NEXT greateness!2 | HUSTLE MAMA
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